Sunday, October 28, 2018

Easiest Way To Sell Your Art

Necessity is often said to be the mother of invention.  As an artist and an older single woman embarking upon a big move, overwhelmed by the accumulations of a lifetime, especially my own creations, I came upon the realization that some of my art just had to go.  Of course, I had already gifted pieces to family members and friends, but still, way too much remained. 

So, on the spur of the moment, I posted on Facebook that I was having a fine art sale in my home in two days.  All I had time to do was display my work and price it.  There was no thought given to refreshments, traffic flow, elaborate setups or anything.  Just put it out there and see if anyone comes.  And they did!  I sold eleven pieces.  Yes, I sold it very cheap. goal was to downsize.  And I had literally no expenses or effort involved.  No mailing expenses.  No gallery expenses. No signs.  No time to worry or plan for all the what ifs that could happen.  Just basically extemporaneous sharing.   Facebook reaches a lot of people. You might be surprised at who shows up at your door.  And, in the interest of safety, I asked a  neighbor to come in and out during the day.

Was I lucky?  Oh, yes I was.  Would I do it again?   Oh, yes I would.  In fact, I probably will.  Try it.  And please...keep it simple sweetie.  That is the beauty of selling your art this way.


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