Saturday, February 3, 2018

Living In God's Abundance

I'm participating in a 30 Day Art Challenge in which we create a piece of art daily for 30 days. When I've tried this before I haven't been able to keep up, so it was a dismal flop. The difference is, this time we are given a prompt, sharing, and support each day. Somehow that makes it easier for me.

Today's prompt was to create a self portrait illustrating what it would look like to live in God's abundance. My first thought was, "Boy, is that challenging!"  For me to draw a self portrait we're talking maybe a month if I could even do it at all.....not a part of a day.

First, the message I got, which I know to be true, is I'm already living in God's abundance! So I knew what I wanted the portrait to look like. Then I found an app called Photo Sketch Maker and transformed two photo of my grandsons and me. It went from photo to portrait drawing in seconds. I was impressed. Someday I may try to paint it but for now, well....take a look.  I live in this abundance of love in my arms! And I am so grateful.


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