Sunday, January 8, 2017

Painting Out The Pain

( NOTE:  This post was written months ago.  I have no idea why it jumped up to the top of my entries again.  But it did.  Although I am past these particular feelings today, it is important to me to have them "documented".  It's all therapy. It helps me and it may help somebody else too.)

If you are currently grieving like I am, how do you lose yourself?  Is it through your work? A hobby? Is your diversion family and friends? Hopefully you can lose yourself in a healthy way instead of having yet another drink, a third bowl of ice cream or curling into a ball and thinking you can cry your grief away eventually. You can't.

I know what works for me. But just because I know doesn't mean that I do it. Knowing and doing are two different things. But if I do reach out and pick up a paintbrush, I can float away from that which hurts me.  I can just let it go, or rather maybe it loosens it's grip on me and lets me go.
Soon I will finish the painting I've been working on with Sherry Hardage.

Work In Progress. Not Use To Acrylics Yet. Learning About Them.
What a great painter, teacher, and friend I have in her.  She 'gets' me and I love her and her work.  Larry and I loved this particular sight. He shot it and I painted it. We always said we would do that.  So even though we ran out of time, he left me hundreds of photos to paint; so he did his part. And I will do mine.

I hope you find your magic bullet for tazing grief so it will be powerless over you for awhile. It will come back but at least it will lay in a heap on the floor for awhile.


  1. Oh Larry had a great eye for beauty and your painting does it justice. You always worked so well together and that is still true with all those photos and memories you shared and captured. This and your paint brush will walk with you through your grief. HUGS HUGS B

  2. Good thinking and nice work.

  3. Very appreciating and Wonderful artwork . Thanks for sharing .

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