Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jimmy Carter and Paula Deen and Me

Plains, Georgia was invaded by 50 artists and many volunteers on Saturday, January 23.    For me, the best part was that I got to be one of them.  Who would have thought?   

The President and his lovely wife were with us all day although Rosalynn had a broken toe and was wearing a boot on her foot.  Just a little momento from New Year's Eve.  I am so glad she joined us.  I had a chance to talk with each of them. They are very real people, so easy to be with.  Freeze the moment!

Renowned American artist, Jim Richards, just recently painted an impressionistic portrait of the President.   Just wait till you see it.  It captures the essence of him. 

Today Richards was the man in charge and presented a wonderful painting demo which was completed and auctioned later in the day for $10,500.

Paula Deen waiting for final bid.

I could go on and on about this memorable day, but instead I will just share a few pictures. 

President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter with auction winner.  Lucky one who takes the demo painting by Richards home with her.

 Jim Richards doing what he does best. Great demo! 

This painting entitled "Sister Talk" is one of my favorite paintings by Jim Richards. Don't you just love it.

All of us lucky people, artists of all levels, getting set up.  The energy in the room was electrifying.  I was beyond excited.

After President Jimmy Carter finished painting this one, Paula Deen auctioned it off for $7,500.  

The day, ending with a smaller group supper including the Carters, Deen, and Richards, was an unqualified success.  I'm holding these memories close for a long time to come.  I feel so blessed and grateful to have had this extraordinary experience. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Winter Bird Acrylic Painting

This was a fun one to paint.  Cardinals are strikingly vivid and so bright.  Against the snow, even more so.  No snow here in the deep South...yet...so I had to paint from a photo. I'm ready to see a little of the cold white stuff in real life!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another Florida Shorebird Heron Painting

And then another strikingly gorgeous shorebird walks by me.  Herons are such lovely, elegant and dramatic creatures.  What fun making this one even more vivid and colorful than real life allows!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Great Blue Heron Painting

Acrylics  6 x 8"

I know this bird!  I watched him prancing around the edge of the ocean. We met early one morning on the beach in Bradenton, Florida.  It was a perfect time to walk on the beach and I wanted to save a part of it in a painting.

Herons prefer to be alone.  You don't often see a group of them, unless it is mating season.  They are wading birds and can stand, walk slowly and stare for long periods of time.  They are not bored just  looking around. Rather they are scanning their locale for a nice fresh fish for breakfast.
A study in stillness and elegance is this bird.  Is this exactly the way he looked?  Of course not. I am an artist, not a photographer, but I think I captured his essence on canvas that morning.