Thursday, June 25, 2015

Back Roads Only

A 35 mile drive on an old gravel road beside the Colorado River is breathtakingly beautiful.  Rather than trying to describe it, just look at the photos.   Some call this the "Don't Be In A Hurry Road" running through Gore Canyon and valleys, sparsely dotted with a few historic ranches.  A "real" cowboy was rounding up an escaped cow too.  Not fun for him but an authentic view for us.

Dramatic is not over stating the surroundings.   Take a look.....and, oh, the wild yellow roses blooming this time of year. And picnicking in Hot Sulphur Springs, and the Arapaho Wildlife Preserve...  What a day!

Wild Roses
A Paved Portion of Road
River, Rails, and Road

Sheared Rock

Where We Stayed

Friday, June 19, 2015

Best Part Of Yesterday

A summer Colorado road trip brings a load of delights...and a sunburn and dehydration if you aren't careful.  It's really a feast for the eyes and the soul.
Wading in the Colorado River quickly went from being refreshing to my feet to, oh yeah,  "this is liquid snow" freezing!!!  And then a little movement in the brush and I got to see a moose up close...chomping away on his breakfast!    Being super careful I just stood there taking it all in...and wishing for this peaceful moment to encompass everyone and everything.
From a snowy picnic in the woods to heart stopping drop off ledges over two miles high, a day spent on Trail Ridge Road headed toward Estes Park in Colorado never fails to delight.