Monday, May 18, 2015

Cumberland Island, Ga

If you ever want to visit a completely natural beach that is also in vogue because John Kennedy married Carolyn Bessette here, Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia, fills the bill.

The Spanish first brought horses to our country and let them run wild and breed on Cumberland.  Even today they raise and feed themselves, not attended in any way by humans.  Not the healthiest horses because they eat way too much salt in their natural sea habitat, but I bet they love it.  

There is an ongoing feud of a sort among conservationists in the area.  Are the horses being neglected because their needs are not met by humans and they are not healthy and, yes, they eat too much salt.  Or are they in their natural bliss and want to be left alone.  What do you think?

Enjoy the view!

Amelia River...I think.
Can't you just imagine a sweet wedding in here?
A picture of the photographer.

After way too much lunch and some to take home for tonight.
Boats and more boats everywhere.
These horses only live about 10 years because they eat too much salt!
New baby horse and mom.

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