Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y Is For Yachots, Oregon: A To Z Challenge

Yesterday I mentioned Yachots in one of my favorite vacation places even though I have only been there once.  I bet most of you haven't even heard of it, so today's post in the A To Z Challenge is about Yachots.

This little town is on the coast of Oregon in the northern quarter of the state.  It's small, only about 1000 people.  Right now it's 56 degrees there, just about what it is here in Georgia, USA, 3000 miles away.  It is pet friendly and people friendly with gorgeous scenery.  We stayed at a little hotel along with collies, labs, and shepherds...not ours.  Our little shih tzu stayed home.  It seemed that people around there all loved really big dogs, including the travelers.  Other than that and a charming lobby with an adorably quaint gift shop and fireplace, there was nothing special about this hotel.  Except.....where it is located.

The Fireside Motel is perched on a hill right on the ocean.....and I do mean right on it.  At high tide it breaks all over the big rocks dotting the beach and just at your feet.  It's wild, untamed, un-manicured and natural.  We loved it at dusk and at early morning the most.  And what a noisy ocean which makes you love it even more.  It isn't about "things to do" when you are there.  It is just about being there and being thankful for every moment you get to breathe it in and enjoy its power and beauty.  

Enjoy the pictures.  Wish I were there!
Lighthouse, Yachots, Oregon

Fireside Motel    Yachots, Oregon

So Pet Friendly

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