Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X Is For Xylophone: A To Z Challenge

Why would someone pick a Xylophone for their X word?  Well, if you were an A To Z Challenge blogger, what would you have picked for X?   It has to actually begin with the letter X, not just contain an X.  Well, for me it is Xylophone.

Didn't you play with one when you were little?  Maybe it was your first musical instrument.  I think it was mine.  I really loved it because it was bright and colorful and it made noise.  Correction, you made not only noise, but a song.  A toy that has withstood the test of time.

Probably my xylophone contained lead based paint.  It was that long ago.  I think it had sharp edges too because I'm almost certain the "keys" were painted metal.  The stick was wooden though and it made the most delicious sound.  

Some xylophones  take two people to play them.  They are that big.  Bands, orchestras often have them over to the side.  If I had been in a band, I would have played that instrument.  

So remember your own first xylophone.  I hope you had one.   Nice memory, huh?

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