Tuesday, April 28, 2015

W Is For Waiting: A To Z Challenge

"Wait Time":  consciously waiting for a student to have time to think when you ask him a question. 

Do you ever remember being called on in school and needing just a moment?  Many students need time to formulate their answers and recover from hearing their name called when they were praying you wouldn't say it.  You can almost see it plastered on their forehead:  "Please do not call on me."  "Okay", I sometimes said to my teacher-self.  "But you better be ready tomorrow."  It's kind of like when I watch Jeopardy at night.  Every now and then I actually know an answer, but they go so dang fast that someone has already answered before I have even had time to think it through.  I guess if you need extra time, you aren't going to be on Jeopardy!  That is for sure.  But giving a student "wait time" is an effective strategy that every teacher should use....at times.

"Wait Time":   consciously waiting in court for your traffic case to come up.

Now this is curious.  I say that only because, a. I am not here because I have done something "bad" like maybe the girl next to me who is crying.  and b.  I am retired, so I have time.
This kind of wait time is optional. You can choose to pay your fine online and never show up. I decided to wait. The judge impressed me.  He talked about the U.S. Constitution and charged us to read it when we were back at home.  He talked about how it protects us from society, from politicians, and from the government.  That is what he said.   I am taking this quite seriously even though I only have a minor speeding ticket, but I can't help noticing the young guy next to me checking Facebook.  I am straining to pick up every detail because it is interesting to me, and he is "liking" stuff. 

"Wait Time":   consciously waiting for your first grandson to enter the world on his own schedule.

If you've ever awaited the arrival of your own baby or some one's close to you, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  Can't rush it.  Just breathe.

"Wait Time" is everywhere we go.  In the line at the grocery store, in traffic, in the dentist's office, at the bedside of a loved one, waiting for water to boil and flowers to bloom.  Wait Time is a gift, huh?  Enjoy choosing how you will use those moments when your wait time comes.

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