Monday, April 27, 2015

V Is For Vacation: A To Z Challenge

Is everyone cheering?  I bet so.  What is better than vacation?  I can answer that.


It's not just that you are vacating your premises.  You are also vacating your responsibilities and appointments.  For a few days anyway, no job, no grass to cut, no doctor appointments, no clothes to wash, no alarm clocks to blare, no traffic to fight, and, if you are lucky, no meals to prepare.

No wonder we love our vacays!  What is your most favorite vacation?

I cannot pick a favorite but here are a few I love.  One favorite is Yachats, Oregon.  And Shelter Cove, California,  Beverly in Massachusetts,  the Outer Banks on the east coast, and St. Simons Island in Georgia.  Although I love the mountains and the plains, the ranches and Big Sky country, nothing tops my love for the coast.

Wherever you are, pick a day soon and make it a vacation.  Even if it is just your day off, make it out of the ordinary somehow, so you feel you have vacated normalcy in favor of renewal. And enjoy.

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