Monday, April 27, 2015

U Is For Un-Ring The Bell: A To Z Challenge


Don't you wish sometimes you could un-ring the bell!  Once an event occurs or a word is spoken it can't be undone. 

Once you have a bad sunburn, you can't go back and put on sunscreen.
Once you pour bleach in the laundry water, you can't take it back out.
Once you cut down, say, a tree, or a person, you can't un-do it.

A therapist friend told me once that we should allow people to "take it back".  Maybe something is said in anger and frustration that is out of character....and maybe that person really wants to take it back.  They really want to un-say it but that I impossible.  So they are "sorry".  And they want you to forgive them.  

True forgiveness, I've heard, is choosing to no longer even remember the offense. "I'll forgive you, but I'm never going to forget it."  Is that real forgiveness?   In reality, we do remember it but forgiveness says, "I won't bring it back out and use it to hurt you one day.  It is really over."

But un-saying would be so much better.  If only we could.  Stop the clock.  Turn the hands back a few minutes.  Then choose something else to say that is kind.  Or say what you have to say in a kind manner.

Ringing the big dinner bells out in the country around noon signaled, "It's time for lunch.  It's on the table."  Lunch was called "dinner" back then and the bell called the workers from the field to the 'dinner' table.  That bell could be heard a long way off.  It echoed miles away.  Any other time than noon, ringing the bell brought people running from miles as it was also the way to summon help.

You can't un-ring the bell.
You can't un-say the words.  Sometimes we wish we could.

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