Thursday, April 23, 2015

T Is For Toothless: A To Z Challenge

My mom died when she was 93.  My sister announced that she was going to do mom's hair and makeup for the viewing.  I said, "You're going to do what?"  She said I didn't have to go with her and I said, "Don't worry.  I'm not."  But then I did. Somehow we giggled our way through it instead of crying.  And mom looked great.

Sis and mother shopped for clothes together and got their nails done. She took mom to the hairdresser and helped her keep it together and even painted her toe nails with silver glitter before her untimely heavenly departure.  So it seemed fitting to her.  

The funeral home guy complimented her work and added, "And she still has her own teeth."  

I can only imagine my mother seeing all of this.  My sister and I fluffing around still striving to make things as good as humanly possible.  And then some stranger remarking on her teeth.  Her response would have been priceless.

Flash forward:  The other day our insurance company sent a nurse to our house.  We are not sick. They do this for everyone in our age group.  They actually pay us $25 each to allow them to come and check on the status of things here.  It amazes me. They do a physical check up just like in a doctor's office and ask all kinds of's about preventative care, to save them money in the future.

So the nurse says to me: "Do you have your own teeth?"  What?  I think it was the first time I've ever been asked that question. But I'm learning that more and more people are interested in the subject.  I guess the answer speaks more volumes than I know.

"Yes, I have my own teeth."  It runs in the family.

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