Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R Is For Rain: A To Z Challenge

Rain is rain; we invent the rest.

We may see ourselves cleansed by the rain,

nourished, quenched,

or we may feel ourselves splattered,

submerged, drowned.

 A lot of years ago I came across this poem in an airline magazine during a flight.  I cannot find who wrote it so I can't give credit...but it wasn't me.  I did, however, appreciate it.  It spoke to me.  

We've had a lot of rain around here.  

Rain calls to a different part of you.  It lets the sun-shiny,vibrant on-the-go, fix-it part of you take a break.  You can't control the rain. It's one of the great uncontrolables.  You didn't cause it either.  

Whenever it rains again at your house, notice if you are feeling splattered and drowning....or cleansed and renewed.   We are always at choice. 

It's  pretty deep around here....I think I will go float a leaf boat in the puddle.

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