Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Man....My Poem

My man makes our world go round.

He makes sure our axis is tilted just right
He tightens the screws with his great might.

He guards against bears and things that growl
He keeps me safe from those who prowl. 

He slays giants and checks under the bed
And even makes sure the puppy is fed.

He takes the street side when we walk
He listens when I need to talk.

He sleeps on the door side of the room
And protects me from all sorts of doom.

So what do I do with all of my time?

I write, I draw, I read a book.
I chop and dice and spice and cook.

I loosen the screws he makes so tight
 I walk in the street and give him a fright.

I sometimes knock his axis askew
But I paint his world a beautiful hue.

I sing and play and dive and be

Because I am so wondrously free.

He is my foundation
My  relation, my flirtation.

Sounds like a good time
to go on a vacation!


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