Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L Is For Letter Writing

Many people reading this blog are writers participating in the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.  So, writers, do you write letters?  I'm not counting emails.  Do you grab a piece of paper and a pen and actually write a letter?

Do you write to your Grandmother?  She would love that, ya know. When you send a card, do you write a page of your own thoughts inside...or just sign your name?

And beyond those in our family, what about others who impact us?  Haven't you ever wanted to write the author of a book you particularly enjoyed?  Or maybe a former President?  And how many of us often write letters in our heads to special people but never get them down?  Or maybe just vent through letters-to-the-editor.

As letter writing fades away, I just wonder what "real writers" like you do.

Going through my mother's things I found her special letters too.  Some daddy wrote years ago to his mother in the late 1930's during the war, even one written by my grandfather in 1915 to my grandmother, then just 15 years old, while they were courting.

Considering all of the reams of paper that crossed my desk during my working career, I realize that the only papers I still have are the letters.  The ones that warmed my heart.  The ones that said 'thank you' for something.  The emails are all long gone and a distant memory but I saved the handwritten sentiments and every now and then I spend a rainy afternoon re-reading them....and deciding, again, "I'll keep them a little longer".

I've always said that "when I have time", "when I retire", I will write letters....to famous people, to those close to me, and to those who make the difference that moves me, or cause me to have questions, or cause me to want to congratulate or praise someone. So this "L" post is really a reminder to me of something I said so often that I wanted to do....and now is the time.

And I could use some of these handmade envelopes.  Don't you just love them?

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