Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G For Georgia: What Comes To Mind?

It's hard not to write about Georgia on "G-Day". After all, I have lived in Georgia, USA, all my life.

Georgia is a beautiful state with four distinct seasons, a hot, hot summer and a very cold winter. We have red clay soil, black loam, and white sand around our state and we grow crops in all of them. We grow a lot of corn and peanuts, peaches and watermelons, pecans and cotton. We raise 40% of all the chickens in our entire country! That is a lot of chickens.  We call the baby ones 'biddies'.

We share what we grow. Neighbors love to share their home grown tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, small farmers share their gardens if you'll come pick it yourself, and some churches even have community gardens. They plant, you take.

Georgians can talk with a deep Southern accent...or not. Most can turn it on and off like a water spigot. President Carter and Rosalynn have some of our most authentic accents, so obviously having a Southern accent does not make you a duffus or a redneck.

Georgia has the prettiest beaches. Just long and wide stretches of mostly white sand. We don't have any cliffs at the beach like California and you won't find pebbled covered beaches here like on the Massachusetts shore. Just warm sand and sea shells. We have foothills and giant mountains, too, mostly covered with pines and hardwoods but one is just stone. We call it Stone Mountain and it even has it's own city.

It's the land that gets your attention first, but like always and everywhere, it's really all about our people.  And, our reknown music makers, Greg Allman, Gladys Knight, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Little Richard, Travis Tritt, Tricia Yearwood and James Brown to name a few. Must be something in the peanuts.

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