Friday, April 3, 2015

C is For Clean: A to Z Challenge

The shower felt so good!  Now I am squeaky clean, dressed, ready to rest....and relax with a good book.  (I am reading Epiphany by Ferrol Sams....humorous and heartwarming.)  It feels especially good to chill because I have been cleaning since early morning.  But it's all done, top to bottom....all in one day.

Today is Good Friday....a good day to clean.  Preparing for Easter...making way for hope, for bright and shiny new beginnings.  Good Friday was very dark before it was very Light. No one knew that Light was coming.

It was an experience of unimaginable suffering, terror,  and fear.  Jesus was not the fearful one however, although he surely had every reason to be.  Those being so mean to him were the ones afraid. Jealous and afraid of losing their power and their position.  After all, this charismatic young rebel with a new message was sought after, loved, and followed. If that continued, what would happen to the old Roman rule?  Better not leave it to chance, they decided.  So they put an end to it, to him...or so they thought.

But it soon came to be known as GOOD Friday, not dark Friday.  Because, who knew that it wouldn't really "take".  Jesus continued to live and appeared to his brother James and mother Mary in just three days.  For them, he wanted to lessen their sorrow and grief. They were his family.  For everyone else in that day, and for us still today, He just wants to fill us with hope, love, joy, and goodwill. He wants us to know that life is eternal.  So maybe cleaning is a great thing to do on Good Friday, cleaning out the old, getting ready for the new, for possibilities, for a deepening relationship with Christ.  Oh, now I get it, C is really for Christ.  Caring, compassionate, comforting, calming, charitable, connected, conscious, and courageous.  Christ is alive and lives in every one of us.  Oh, but if we all just knew that.

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