Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Caregivers, Go Outside!

It's here! It's here!  What a pretty prelude to Easter! Spring is officially here and we are drawn outside like ants to a bowl of sugar.   

It started off being a beautiful afternoon to go see the daffodils.  They are blooming profusely here at Gibbs Gardens, a Southern garden in Georgia, creating yellow magic carpets all around.  But it turns out to be just as good a time to people-watch as to flower -watch.  It's a week day so there are a lot more old people...I mean retired people like me....while the younger set is being productive at school and work.

What I am struck by is the number of people helping people.  There aren't so many carrying diaper bags today but there are a lot of old guys carrying purses....because their wives, who are holding tight to walkers,  want their purses nearby.  Adult children are pushing dad's wheelchair and friends are doing the same for friends.  Some just  walking exceedingly slowly so their friend can keep pace. 

I don't like to carry anything. I travel light so my purse is usually in the car, like today. I plan it that way.  "Well then",  you ask, "why do you have that big pack on your back? "  Ah, good question.  It's because I am helping someone too. My husband likes to carry a lot.  Drives me crazy.  But today he can't carry his heavy bag, so I do it for him.

  Irritated?  Yeah, frankly, just a little.  But, at the same time, so grateful we are outside together not needing a wheelchair!   Surgery recoup is temporary...a lot of things are not.   So really I am truly happy to do the heavy lifting. He would surely do it for me.  And I know all the others out here are glad to be where they are too.

Getting old is a privilege,  a gift.  Here's to all the caregivers and helpers out there. What angels you are!  Enjoy the daffodils. They won't last forever.

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