Saturday, February 28, 2015

Roswell Provisions A Winter Treat

Down South, right outside Atlanta, Georgia is a little "slice - of - America" town called Roswell. If you like old downtowns, local art, interesting places to eat, little shops, and vintage markets, book a flight to Roswell. 

Once there, check out one of my favorite places, Roswell Provisions.  It is a foodie feast for the eyes...eye candy they call it these days.  Get homemade,  warm chowder the chef makes, local veggies, special cheeses and wines, or just a good cup of coffee. I like to sit where I can look out the window and people-watch, which also puts my back to the cupcakes Kelly makes.  Otherwise my "cut down on sugar" resolution would go out the window.

Go when you can. And take a book. You may just decide to sit and sip a spell.

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