Saturday, November 1, 2014

Newest Painting Little Boy At The Beach

9 x 12 Oils On Canvas
I loved painting this one.  It is saturated with color....which I love.  And, it looks like my sons when they were toddlers.  Although they had more curls at this age, I remember both of them "squatting" on the beach just like this little boy.  They were usually trying to catch a little sand crab or picking up a shell rather than a sand dollar.

My inspiration for this painting was Corinne Hartley and how she captures the essence of children at the seashore.  

The painting I am working on currently is exactly the opposite of this one.  It is a still life of inanimate objects in fairly neutral colors.  So the dominant element will be contrast rather than color.  And I am painting from "real life" rather than a photo.  Wish me luck.  We'll see how it goes.