Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Virginia Mountains Skyline Drive 2014

There is no better way to head south "from here" than Skyline Drive in Virginia,  one of the most scenic drives in America.   For 117 miles, everything you lay your eyes on is beautiful.

We started off in the rain and fog, and good for us, not many other people braved the weather.  The clouds and the drizzle only enhanced the colors of the leaves which are almost at their peak here.  And the rain stopped and the fog lifted!  Couldn't have been any better.

Creeks, waterfalls,  deer, walks, and a picnic in the woods is as good as it gets.  How anyone could spend a day like this without marveling and dwelling in gratitude the whole day is beyond me.  So many times clouds come in our lives. Sometimes so thick you can't see any light. But if we hang in there and expect better around the next curve,  it is usually there. Really, it is always there. 

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