Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Emerald Coast: The Outer Banks

What could be better than exploring a new island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, USA.  Every place on this trip is a surprise and somewhere I've never been before.
Today we are at Pine Knoll Shores.  And tonight I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever, ever seen.  No doubt it will become an oil painting!  
We ate at a fun place called Amos Mosquitos...Thank goodness I haven't seen even one live mosquito!   A dinner of shrimp and grits was perfect...especially when eaten outside by the lights and water.
When you take a road trip you have to move on so you constantly say, "we need to come back here", or "I wish we could stay longer".  The beauty in this world is unending,  so where ever you are today, enjoy the beauty around you. If your world isn't so lovely today,  put on new eyes and try your best to see it differently.  Amen.

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