Friday, October 10, 2014

Ocracoke, Hatteras and Nag's Head, N.C.

What a few days this has been!  Island hopping is full time!  We have taken two ferries and have seen so many beaches.  Deserted ones, beaches at night, beaches in early morning, and beaches at sunset.  And so many sand dunes everywhere.  Big ones.  All breathtakingly beautiful in their own way.

We saw another town named Lyons and also Fort Macon.  Lyons and Macon are our home towns so we got excited about these places.

We have chased down every lighthouse and learned their stories of saving lives and guiding boats home through the night.  Beacons to all those at sea, many are still working and light up every night.

We were so hungry by the time we ate our picnic lunch, I think we inhaled it.  I told Larry I was going to feed the squirrels the crust of my sandwich, and he said, "What squirrels"?   "The ones in those woods right there", I answered.   "There are no squirrels here", he said.  "Of course there are squirrels here. There are always squirrels in the woods", I told him.  "How do you think they got here?  This is an island in the Atlantic Ocean",  he asked.  Hmmmm.  I guess I never thought about it like that.  Food for thought.

I do know there are horses here. We saw them.  They were brought over here to work. (Evidently no one brought any squirrels over.) 

The day ended wading in the ocean (me)...and standing behind a camera tripod (him)...waiting for the blood moon to pop up from the sea.  It finally did. What a heavenly show. G'nite.

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