Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oak Island, NC

After driving many hours it was a delight to make it to Oak Island in N.C. and finally see, and walk on, the beach.  It  has been too long.  

 The pier was full of folks fishing with rod and reels and casting nets. One of these days I would like to go on a fishing trip for a few days.  I grew up  "going fishing" on White Water Creek and the Flint River with my Grandaddy a lot, and Lake Sinclair with my parents, but it has been years and years.  I learned how to bait my own hook and how to "hold your mouth right",   which probably was a way to get me to be quiet.  How lucky was I!  Like most children, I took it all for granted and only now in hindsight realize how blessed I was to have such a rich, safe and diverse childhood.  I think I'll add a fishing vaca to my bucket list.

Although this is my first beach trip to these parts,  it won't be my last.

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