Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway

Bright, sunny day! This northern end of the BRP through Virginia and into North Carolina is a mixture of the big mountains you expect and rolling hills. Farming and cattle ranches pop up all along.  The word I kept thinking was most descriptive was idyllic.  And yet I know firsthand that farming lifestyle is hard work.  There are a lot of early mornings,  dirt, and sweat that is behind the idyllic setting.  I think it is often solitary work in and day out.

I loved seeing the hay bales, fences, black cows, red cows, ponds, and rolling pastures.  And many of the farms, large and small, have small family cemeteries fenced, well kept nearby. Reminded me of Walton's Mountain.

But everyone doesn't have a family cemetery.  At an overlook today I looked down.  At overlooks you always look up, out, and beyond and seldom do you look down.  But I am glad I did.  Within the last day or two someone had placed a loved one's ashes on the ground at this high lookout point. They were not scattered, just lying there along with a wilted bouquet of flowers.  What a sacred moment to remember someone you did not know and love...but someone else did. To say a prayer to honor their earthly life and their eternal life.

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