Saturday, October 18, 2014

Where Are YOU From?

It is always so interesting to see where my blog readers are from. I post quite inconsistently, usually in spurts, and I am very niche-less, so it amazes me anybody reads it all.  But it is fun when they do.  A little breadcrumb trail around the world.  Where are you from?‎  Leave in comments.  Recent viewers below are so welcome.

Volta Redonda, BRAZIL

Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Kensington, Ohio, USA

Menlo Park, California, USA



Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Redmond, Washington, USA

Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL

Bridgend, WALES

Florida, USA

Jefferson, Georgia, USA

Mountain View, California, USA

Simi Valley, California, USA

Come back often!

Friday, October 17, 2014

10 Ways To Know Your Road Trip Is Over

1.  You are out of money.

2.  Your picnic cooler is empty.

3.  All your clothes are dirty...

4.  And they no longer fit.

5.  You are not taking pictures anymore.

6.  You suddenly miss your own bathroom.

7.  And you miss your family and your puppies.

8.  Your glasses are glued together with super glue.

9.  Dinner has deteriorated to Johnny Rockets and Dunkin Donuts.

10. Nobody wants to drive anymore...

We had such a good time but it's time to go home!  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway

Bright, sunny day! This northern end of the BRP through Virginia and into North Carolina is a mixture of the big mountains you expect and rolling hills. Farming and cattle ranches pop up all along.  The word I kept thinking was most descriptive was idyllic.  And yet I know firsthand that farming lifestyle is hard work.  There are a lot of early mornings,  dirt, and sweat that is behind the idyllic setting.  I think it is often solitary work in and day out.

I loved seeing the hay bales, fences, black cows, red cows, ponds, and rolling pastures.  And many of the farms, large and small, have small family cemeteries fenced, well kept nearby. Reminded me of Walton's Mountain.

But everyone doesn't have a family cemetery.  At an overlook today I looked down.  At overlooks you always look up, out, and beyond and seldom do you look down.  But I am glad I did.  Within the last day or two someone had placed a loved one's ashes on the ground at this high lookout point. They were not scattered, just lying there along with a wilted bouquet of flowers.  What a sacred moment to remember someone you did not know and love...but someone else did. To say a prayer to honor their earthly life and their eternal life.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Virginia Mountains Skyline Drive 2014

There is no better way to head south "from here" than Skyline Drive in Virginia,  one of the most scenic drives in America.   For 117 miles, everything you lay your eyes on is beautiful.

We started off in the rain and fog, and good for us, not many other people braved the weather.  The clouds and the drizzle only enhanced the colors of the leaves which are almost at their peak here.  And the rain stopped and the fog lifted!  Couldn't have been any better.

Creeks, waterfalls,  deer, walks, and a picnic in the woods is as good as it gets.  How anyone could spend a day like this without marveling and dwelling in gratitude the whole day is beyond me.  So many times clouds come in our lives. Sometimes so thick you can't see any light. But if we hang in there and expect better around the next curve,  it is usually there. Really, it is always there. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Road Trip Catch Up Photos

I just can't keep this blog up to date because it is more important to enjoy the road trip experience than to record it!   But I do want it recorded for our posterity. 

You know,  I am not so enamored with seeing every lighthouse husband we have seen a lot of them!  The last lighthouse photo below shows my interest waning a little.  

We stayed at Kill Devil Hills....what a name....right across the street from where Wilbur and Orville built and flew the first aircraft.  Only one photo  of the actual event was taken....and it was the first time the "photographer" had ever even tried to take a picture.  Luckily it turned out great.

I have always been enamored with the Chesapeake Bay and we got to cross it on the 17 mile bridge and tunnel.  The weather turned cold and windy as the storm approached the eastern seaboard which made it wonderfully dramatic!

We spent a day wondering what it would be like to live in the beautiful farmlands we drove through in Virginia and Delaware.   Had my birthday dinner in a small family restaurant called The Mill Pond, so un  fancy and homelike...with leftovers for tomorrow.

Sunday morning, crisp and clear, every little white church busy with activity as worshippers greeted friends and family and headed inside.  Did my heart good. 

So that was a few days crammed together. ..a few very good days.  I am so grateful for so much.  My cup truly runneth over.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ocracoke, Hatteras and Nag's Head, N.C.

What a few days this has been!  Island hopping is full time!  We have taken two ferries and have seen so many beaches.  Deserted ones, beaches at night, beaches in early morning, and beaches at sunset.  And so many sand dunes everywhere.  Big ones.  All breathtakingly beautiful in their own way.

We saw another town named Lyons and also Fort Macon.  Lyons and Macon are our home towns so we got excited about these places.

We have chased down every lighthouse and learned their stories of saving lives and guiding boats home through the night.  Beacons to all those at sea, many are still working and light up every night.

We were so hungry by the time we ate our picnic lunch, I think we inhaled it.  I told Larry I was going to feed the squirrels the crust of my sandwich, and he said, "What squirrels"?   "The ones in those woods right there", I answered.   "There are no squirrels here", he said.  "Of course there are squirrels here. There are always squirrels in the woods", I told him.  "How do you think they got here?  This is an island in the Atlantic Ocean",  he asked.  Hmmmm.  I guess I never thought about it like that.  Food for thought.

I do know there are horses here. We saw them.  They were brought over here to work. (Evidently no one brought any squirrels over.) 

The day ended wading in the ocean (me)...and standing behind a camera tripod (him)...waiting for the blood moon to pop up from the sea.  It finally did. What a heavenly show. G'nite.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Emerald Coast: The Outer Banks

What could be better than exploring a new island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, USA.  Every place on this trip is a surprise and somewhere I've never been before.
Today we are at Pine Knoll Shores.  And tonight I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever, ever seen.  No doubt it will become an oil painting!  
We ate at a fun place called Amos Mosquitos...Thank goodness I haven't seen even one live mosquito!   A dinner of shrimp and grits was perfect...especially when eaten outside by the lights and water.
When you take a road trip you have to move on so you constantly say, "we need to come back here", or "I wish we could stay longer".  The beauty in this world is unending,  so where ever you are today, enjoy the beauty around you. If your world isn't so lovely today,  put on new eyes and try your best to see it differently.  Amen.