Saturday, August 23, 2014

Washington Park, Denver, CO

Perfect afternoon for a picnic in the park.  Sandwiches, fruit, and organic cookies, and, best of all...time with our sweet Colorado family.

What makes it a beautiful park? Well, just look.

Complimentary colors, all kinds of natural textures, the lake that looks like a mirror, and big, big lawns spreading in every direction.   When I see one of nature's displays like this one,  I am always reminded of words by Mary Ann Williamson.  They go something like this. ..

"Would you like the One who created the entire universe, ...including these gorgeous flowers,... to run your life?  Or would you rather just do it yourself?"

I know how I would answer that question.   It is how I start and end my days, "Thank you God. Guide me."  Easy peasy.


I am so glad that my young grandson gets to "be outside", eat outside, and experience the vibrant colors and breathe the fresh air with his family very early in his infancy. He was in the park during the first week of his life.   He very often gets to experience the colors and textures in real life, not just hanging on his mobile.  

 Planting, growing, designing and beautifying outside spaces, leaving places better than you found them...this runs in our family, and I am glad Trip's Landscaping LLC is continuing the tradition in his own uniquely creative, environmentally responsible way.   He enables many families to more fully enjoy their own backyard and appreciate what is around them.  Those are fingerprints you never want to wash off.

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  1. “We go for a walk each night, despite the season and where we are. We were just in Africa and we had to have guys with us to protect us from wild animals,” Beck says. “By our calculations, we’ve walked more than halfway around the world together”


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