Friday, August 15, 2014

Trail Ridge Road To Estes Park, Colorado: Spectacular Drive

On the road again!  And I don't think there is a prettier road anywhere in the world than Trail Ridge Road that leads UP,UP, UP to Estes Park in northern Colorado. Yes, we were 11,000 feet high! And August! Every time I find a gorgeous new place I say it is the best, but this really, really is one of the best,and scariest.  And yet, even this splendor did not bring us 2000 miles to Colorado.  Family is the strongest pull and we came out to visit one of our awesome sons and his family....including the sweetest little grandson anywhere in the world....8 weeks old today and a bundle of pure love.  The Rocky Mountain National Park comes in a distant second to Gavin.

BUT what an amazing day!  I wanted to see animals in the wild and I was not disappointed.  Here are some of the elk we saw.  I could have actually reached out and touched them, we were that close.

 Daddy Elk

Baby Elk.  I could have touched him!

Female Elk So Close

I can see why the elk like it here.  More land to run on than you can imagine with a great, big sky.  They handle the mountainous slopes easily but really love to run and settle in the meadow below.

Hiking in a mile or so to see the Colorado River yielded just a ribbon of water...but it goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean without stopping.  


I have to give a shout out to The Saddle and Surrey Motel.  I love it!  An "old-timey" motel that is squeaky clean, great bedding, GREAT AC and nice people.  Unbeatable.  Great reviews on Trip Advisor too.  That's how I found them.

Well, we're off on another day's adventure.  Headed over to Saratoga, Wyoming today.  Stay tuned.

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