Monday, August 18, 2014

Photo Travelogue: Wyoming

Husband in his bliss.  Somewhere on Snowy Range Scenic Byway, WY.  Take this drive!!!

Beauties of Nature Close Up

 And Far Away

And Delicate

 "Local Beef" Dinner at Hotel Wolf.  Great food and decor.

 The Old Hotel Wolf. I know real cowboys stayed here and had their horses tied up in front.  Can't you picture it?

One of my greatest loves:  Mineral Hot Springs

 This is called Having The Road To Yourself

 No One Here Either

 The New...So Glad To See This Alternate Fuel Source In Action


Love This Mural In The Virginian Hotel

The Old Virginian Hotel 1800s.  Two floors of rooms in original "look". Really old.  Working restaurant is attached with original "looking" table setting.

 Pretty Cool Old Stuff.  In Medicine Bow, WY

 Planning To Netflix this TV show when we get home.

 It Is Important To Remember People Like Alma.  She made the world better.  And...she must have had some great genes!  Reaching 100 years old back then was quite a feat.

 Train Country For Sure.  Some carrying Meat and some carrying Coal.  Turning coal into liquid fuel...coming

Platte River.  However did they get those first covered wagons across?

Mandi.   Official  Laura M Boutique Greeter.  Read Laura's story. I'm so glad I got to meet her.  She was also featured In Where Women Create My-July 2012 issue. While I was there, an "even older than I" woman up from Florida, came in the store. She reminded Laura that she had designed and made a dress for her Anniversary years ago.  How cool was that for them both and for me...a fly on the wall.

Saving The Best For Last:  Picnic In The Park With Sweetest Grandchild Ever.

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