Sunday, August 31, 2014

Are You A Multi -Tasker?

I just looked down at my lap and realized I would have to answer that question with a resounding "Yes!". 

Years ago when I was a mom, a wife, and "a working girl", it was not even debatable.   My mind was almost always full of tasks....those underway,  those just completed,  and those coming soon.  Raising a family, running a household,  working a job all required constant multi - tasking.   Good times...but not much free time. Balance was always sought, but not always found.

But now...Aaaah...the gift of time...I can "pretty much" do whatever I want to do  whenever I want to do it.  There is no rush anymore.

And yet, on this leisurely morning, I look down at my lap.   It is full of things I love...All going on together.   At the same time.  Writing in my sacred journal about the Spirit of God in me and fully desiring it to run my life,  giving in to the irresistible urge to fill in the blanks in today's AJC crossword puzzle, all while perusing the beauty section of my Real Simple magazine (my favorite) one more time before I toss it away.  Makes me tired to say it that way! 

So instead I will celebrate the "me" that likes to do things this way sometimes.   A lap full of favorites, a cup of coffee, while still in my pjs.  Yes...I am still a multi-tasker sometimes.  And yet it feels like I have struck the perfect balance.   And you?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Washington Park, Denver, CO

Perfect afternoon for a picnic in the park.  Sandwiches, fruit, and organic cookies, and, best of all...time with our sweet Colorado family.

What makes it a beautiful park? Well, just look.

Complimentary colors, all kinds of natural textures, the lake that looks like a mirror, and big, big lawns spreading in every direction.   When I see one of nature's displays like this one,  I am always reminded of words by Mary Ann Williamson.  They go something like this. ..

"Would you like the One who created the entire universe, ...including these gorgeous flowers,... to run your life?  Or would you rather just do it yourself?"

I know how I would answer that question.   It is how I start and end my days, "Thank you God. Guide me."  Easy peasy.


I am so glad that my young grandson gets to "be outside", eat outside, and experience the vibrant colors and breathe the fresh air with his family very early in his infancy. He was in the park during the first week of his life.   He very often gets to experience the colors and textures in real life, not just hanging on his mobile.  

 Planting, growing, designing and beautifying outside spaces, leaving places better than you found them...this runs in our family, and I am glad Trip's Landscaping LLC is continuing the tradition in his own uniquely creative, environmentally responsible way.   He enables many families to more fully enjoy their own backyard and appreciate what is around them.  Those are fingerprints you never want to wash off.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Photo Travelogue: Wyoming

Husband in his bliss.  Somewhere on Snowy Range Scenic Byway, WY.  Take this drive!!!

Beauties of Nature Close Up

 And Far Away

And Delicate

 "Local Beef" Dinner at Hotel Wolf.  Great food and decor.

 The Old Hotel Wolf. I know real cowboys stayed here and had their horses tied up in front.  Can't you picture it?

One of my greatest loves:  Mineral Hot Springs

 This is called Having The Road To Yourself

 No One Here Either

 The New...So Glad To See This Alternate Fuel Source In Action


Love This Mural In The Virginian Hotel

The Old Virginian Hotel 1800s.  Two floors of rooms in original "look". Really old.  Working restaurant is attached with original "looking" table setting.

 Pretty Cool Old Stuff.  In Medicine Bow, WY

 Planning To Netflix this TV show when we get home.

 It Is Important To Remember People Like Alma.  She made the world better.  And...she must have had some great genes!  Reaching 100 years old back then was quite a feat.

 Train Country For Sure.  Some carrying Meat and some carrying Coal.  Turning coal into liquid fuel...coming

Platte River.  However did they get those first covered wagons across?

Mandi.   Official  Laura M Boutique Greeter.  Read Laura's story. I'm so glad I got to meet her.  She was also featured In Where Women Create My-July 2012 issue. While I was there, an "even older than I" woman up from Florida, came in the store. She reminded Laura that she had designed and made a dress for her Anniversary years ago.  How cool was that for them both and for me...a fly on the wall.

Saving The Best For Last:  Picnic In The Park With Sweetest Grandchild Ever.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wyoming: Snowy Grange Scenic Byway and Saratoga

There really is only one word to describe Wyoming and that is"Wow!".  I must have said it a hundred times driving through giant, craggy rocky mountains, the prairie, ranch land, then farm land. The sky is so big here and the variety and extreme of land formations just boggle the mind.  Another thing that boggles my mind is how much money these crop farmers must spend on irrigation!

Driving the Snow Grange Scenic Byway yesterday up 12,000 feet was amazing.   I saw more natural beauty than I could ever possibly describe.  The trees!  Oh my, how beautiful. Wildflowers around lakes...all framed by massive mountains still covered in snow and ice from last winter.

We finally arrived in Saratoga, Wyoming which is exactly what I had in mind for the night.
 If you ever find yourself in Saratoga....and that would be in the summer because you can't get to it in the winter....look around for the old 1800's Wolf Hotel.  It's right downtown...which consists of one street. The hotel is charming and very period of the time in which it was built.  When we checked in and were told there was no AC, I was a little concerned for a minute.  Then I remembered, "this isn't Georgia".  The windows are all open on this cool night, the wind blows the curtains straight out into the room, and an extra blanket feels just right.  Just know it doesn't have an elevator...and there are 20 steep stairs to lug bags up and down.

First thing this morning was a dip, or rather a soak, in the Saratoga Mineral Hot Springs.  A gift of nature open 24/7 at no charge and one of my favorite things of the trip so far.  Next we walked over to Black Hawk Art Gallery and saw works of phenomenal artists of the area.  Turns out the manager "used to live" just a few miles from us back home in Georgia!  She traded in her suburban Atlanta life for the wilds of Wyoming and now, at 64, she hunts and kills the elk for the family every year.I just can't imagine.

The rest of the day we spent in and out of canyons, like Sybille Canyon, and traveling FLAT roads of ranch land as far as you can see in every direction.  Hard to believe we were often the only car in sight.  The population is so much less than I'm used to...and it is such a treat.  Riding beside the Platt River was awe inspiring... always is when I think of the original pioneers going right through here on the Oregon Trail.

Whatever is going on in the rest of the world isn't making a whit of difference out here.  I keep all that in my prayers and hope it gets better soon.  In the meantime, I'm staying in a good space.  Right now it is Wyoming!

Tomorrow:  lots of pictures.  They just won't load in the hotel.  Hope your Sunday is just the way you want it.  


Did you ever see "The Virginian" on TV?  It was popular many years ago.  We visited the original Virginian Hotel in Medicine Bow where the movie was originally written.  It was like stepping way, way back in time.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Trail Ridge Road To Estes Park, Colorado: Spectacular Drive

On the road again!  And I don't think there is a prettier road anywhere in the world than Trail Ridge Road that leads UP,UP, UP to Estes Park in northern Colorado. Yes, we were 11,000 feet high! And August! Every time I find a gorgeous new place I say it is the best, but this really, really is one of the best,and scariest.  And yet, even this splendor did not bring us 2000 miles to Colorado.  Family is the strongest pull and we came out to visit one of our awesome sons and his family....including the sweetest little grandson anywhere in the world....8 weeks old today and a bundle of pure love.  The Rocky Mountain National Park comes in a distant second to Gavin.

BUT what an amazing day!  I wanted to see animals in the wild and I was not disappointed.  Here are some of the elk we saw.  I could have actually reached out and touched them, we were that close.

 Daddy Elk

Baby Elk.  I could have touched him!

Female Elk So Close

I can see why the elk like it here.  More land to run on than you can imagine with a great, big sky.  They handle the mountainous slopes easily but really love to run and settle in the meadow below.

Hiking in a mile or so to see the Colorado River yielded just a ribbon of water...but it goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean without stopping.  


I have to give a shout out to The Saddle and Surrey Motel.  I love it!  An "old-timey" motel that is squeaky clean, great bedding, GREAT AC and nice people.  Unbeatable.  Great reviews on Trip Advisor too.  That's how I found them.

Well, we're off on another day's adventure.  Headed over to Saratoga, Wyoming today.  Stay tuned.