Sunday, July 20, 2014

Don't Stick Around Too Long. You Might Get Recycled

Organizers say to hoarders and to any of us just trying to clean out:  Make 3 piles.
  • One to keep.  
  • One to donate.  
  • One to throw away.  

I don't know about you but the hoarders I'm familiar with (on TV) are not really set up to make those 3 piles without massive help.  If only it were that easy.

We are all potential hoarders, aren't we.  I mean, just ignore the piles, the closets, the desk, and the garage for a little while and see what happens. Ignore it forever, and.....   Personally, I  need more than 3 piles.  One to keep.  That is the easiest one.  Then comes the pile to give away.  That is difficult.  When it is time to give stuff away, I want it to go to the right person.  Surely someone out there in my sphere would like it, or needs it, or could at least use it.  So that takes time to figure out, and then, to get it to them.  A third pile is to throw away.  "Throw away", to me, means there is no possible use for this item, unless it could go onto a compost pile.  At my house, 'throw it away' is a very small pile.  Pile 4 is for Goodwill.  If an item has some use left in it, but I don't know who wants it, that is where it goes. I know it will find a new home.  Then there is Pile 5:  sell it on eBay. 

Why, in my very full life, would I do that?  eBay?  Really?  After all, it does take time and effort.  Well, I would do that because it is a form of recycling.  It WILL go to someone who wants it.  They will get a good deal and the entrepreneur piece-of-me gets fed.  I have sold at least a hundred items on eBay and it does my heart good to know they are scattered around the planet and someone is USING them instead of decaying in a landfill.

Landfills make my blood boil.  Why? Why? Why would we do that to our earth?  

Are we not to honor it?  To take care of it?  We surely are not "supposed" to fill it with old furniture, clothing, and swimming pool noodles.  Find a use for the stuff!  Or find someone who wants it. Post it "for free" on Craig's List.  It is our duty to keep it out of the ground.

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And, oh, here is another approach.  Don't buy so much stuff to begin with.  The common cycle:  buy it, use it a little bit, pack it up for years, throw it away...could all be broken if we didn't buy it to begin with.  

Sustainability is very important to me.  In a nutshell, a sustainable activity should be able to continue forever.  It is a way of life that allows us to meet our needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations...those of my 3 week old grandson, and his son, to meet theirs. "It is a huge concept", you say.  Well, yes it is. "My little efforts don't matter", you say.  Well, yes they do if we all help.    Think about it next time you "throw something" away, and,  ......drum roll..... possibly when you vote. 

Whew!  Rant over.  

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