Saturday, March 1, 2014

Creative Cling

The first time I heard the phrase "creative cling" I immediately resonated with it's meaning.  For me, creative cling is the tendency to hold onto everything little thing I it's a baby or something.  Whether it is a pile of favorite quotes written in calligraphy or water color pieces, collage, or oil paintings,  I fall in love with them all.  But I am saying goodbye to these two oils. 

 Sold!  Someone in California "had to have them".    Never ceases to amaze me.  Even after I sell hundreds of pieces, I know I will feel amazed that someone loves them as much as I do.

All I need to do is sign them, pack them up, kiss them goodbye, and put them in the mail.  And I am delighted to do so.

SOLD  2-27-2014
This one I painted last spring (2013) sitting outside on my back porch.  The day was perfect and I refused to stay inside.  Watching the sun come across the day and trying to capture it was pure joy.

SOLD 2-27-2014
In January I took part in a "30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge" by Leslie Seaeta and painted this one out of my imagination.  I love the way mountains tend to appear lavender and pink as they disappear in the distance.  My fantasy mountains were just about color, not realism.

Currently I am putting the finishing touches on a 16x20" oil painting of an old country store I visited a couple of summers ago.  I'll be posting it, and it's story, soon.  Every painting has a story.....and free shipping.  :)

Enjoy the day!