Monday, March 10, 2014


I am working on trust.  Can you tell?

I love the word trust.  Whatever is going on, this word can give you the ability to shift away from concern, anxiety, maybe even fear and "what ifs"... and move you into peace and comfort.

I've realized people trust in a lot of different things.  I guess we all do.  We trust our paychecks will come on time.  We trust we will be safe in our cars.  We trust our friend or our spouse or our children will forgive us when (not if) we mess up.  Healthy people trust on that level automatically.

A deeper level of trust, for me, is my trust in God.  The Universe, the All-Knowing, the Father....whatever you choose to call your creator.  That is the Trust that prevails when there is no reason that makes sense to hold on.  It is the Trust that makes sense after the fact.  Things that are so puzzling when they happen begin to make sense down the road.  It is that Trust that turns pain into peace.

If your trust ever gets a little shaky or "isn't working", try going a little deeper.  Reach for 'knowing'.   Trust is way beyond hoping.  And 'knowing' is even beyond trust.

Pay attention to your trust level in all areas of your life. Grab onto "trust" as your go-to word for awhile and maybe it will become an amazing habit.  

"Don't worry", say the lilies of the field and the birds in the air.  Be as such and trust that all is well.   Remember once you turn on the light, there never are any monsters under the bed.  Let Trust be your light switch to peace.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Is This Painting So "Pretty"?

SOLD  3-3-2014

Everyone has his own eye for beauty so we may not all agree that this one is beautiful.  On the "pretty scale", though, it rates pretty high.  The reason is the use of color.  Although there are many colors in this painting, it's background is the scale of windsor yellow to sap green.  The greenery in landscapes is primarily sap, but certainly not only sap.  Nature's green is never just green but includes an array of blues and purples in the shadows and yellows in the light.

The complement of green is red so the flower's red values say "pretty" when used with this green.  I would have loved a brighter cad red pop in the flower but I didn't want to chance moving the focus from butterfly to flower.  It is a painting about a butterfly visiting his choice of many lovely flowers. He is in love with this one.  It is not about a vivid, eye-popping flower attracting some random butterfly.

The lost and found edges (blurry and sharp) also lead us to the butterfly and his delight.

My delight?  That someone in California loves this one, as much as I do.  The photo does not do it justice.  Tomorrow it goes in the mail, sealed with a kiss, to it's new home.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Creative Cling

The first time I heard the phrase "creative cling" I immediately resonated with it's meaning.  For me, creative cling is the tendency to hold onto everything little thing I it's a baby or something.  Whether it is a pile of favorite quotes written in calligraphy or water color pieces, collage, or oil paintings,  I fall in love with them all.  But I am saying goodbye to these two oils. 

 Sold!  Someone in California "had to have them".    Never ceases to amaze me.  Even after I sell hundreds of pieces, I know I will feel amazed that someone loves them as much as I do.

All I need to do is sign them, pack them up, kiss them goodbye, and put them in the mail.  And I am delighted to do so.

SOLD  2-27-2014
This one I painted last spring (2013) sitting outside on my back porch.  The day was perfect and I refused to stay inside.  Watching the sun come across the day and trying to capture it was pure joy.

SOLD 2-27-2014
In January I took part in a "30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge" by Leslie Seaeta and painted this one out of my imagination.  I love the way mountains tend to appear lavender and pink as they disappear in the distance.  My fantasy mountains were just about color, not realism.

Currently I am putting the finishing touches on a 16x20" oil painting of an old country store I visited a couple of summers ago.  I'll be posting it, and it's story, soon.  Every painting has a story.....and free shipping.  :)

Enjoy the day!