Friday, February 7, 2014

What Is Going On With Me Today

This is more a diary entry for today than a regular post.  I realize my blog is my journal, a record of what is on my mind.  Maybe I should have it private so as not to bore the world.....but not right now.  Too many other things take first place over making that change.  So...

1.  I am realizing I need to know more about photography and getting good images of my art and anything else I post.  This morning I took a lot of pictures the shade, sun at my back, sun on the object, to compare and learn what works best.  If I do this at various times during the day, I will find what works best.  Please share with me any photography tips/guidelines you use.

2.  Do you use Dropbox?  I am learning to use it and I love it!  Now whenever I take a picture with my phone, the photo "automatically" finds it's way to my laptop.  It seems like a miracle to me.  I took a picture this morning.  Then got ready to import it to my computer a few minutes later only to find it was already there.  A miracle, I tell you.  You must download Dropbox (free) and then, it seems, the rest is magic.

3.  Later today I will be packing for Denver.  Leaving in the morning for a quick trip to see my son and meet his fiancee.  Excited does not even begin to describe me right now.  We are only staying two nights this time.  I will be on my best behavior and can't wait to give her (and John) a big hug.

4.  Last night was Jay Leno's last show after 22 years.  I love watching "last shows" when someone says goodbye to a part of themselves they have shared with us for a very long time.  When Oprah left her show, I was watching.  When Regis left his show, I was watching.  When Larry King left his show, I was watching.  And, I tell you, Leno's was the best yet.  Try to catch it online if you least his last 5 minutes of comments.  It was entertaining with Carole Burnett, Oprah, Jack Black, Garth Brooks, and others....So good.  As you would expect, he was very open and expressive saying goodbye.  I love it when a grown man knows he can cry and still be strong.  And his last comments?  "I'm on my way home, Babe."  Sweet.

5.  While watching American Idol and Jay Leno I picked up a pencil and tried my hand at portrait sketching.  Here is what I came up with.  These are two children I know very husband and me.  I am not saying they bear the slightest resemblance to us but that is who they are!

6.  Had a wonderful devotional time this morning which led me to my next "work of art".  It will be a compilation of powerful statements that are true universal principles and also are Bible based.  Practical spirituality that imparts a powerful message.  I will surely share it when I finish it.  And I promise you it will make you feel like a million bucks.  Yep, the truth shall surely set you free.

7.  Enough for now.  Can't wait to see what comes up in the rest of the day.  I know it is going to be a good one!

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