Friday, February 21, 2014

Planting Seeds and Planting Thoughts

Now that the ice and snow are gone from the deep South we are claiming every nice, blue-sky beautiful day as a big step toward Spring.  It's a little cool today but definitely on the Spring side of things.

Last week, after learning that scanning my artwork produces much better results than photographing it, I had a lot of scanning to do.  I unearthed this little watercolor practice piece and am giving it new life.   It was in a drawer way too long! Years ago I painted it when I was thinking of my father-in-law. 

 J.C. was a farmer his whole life.  He grew a lot of seed corn, soybeans and tobacco, and sometimes raised hogs.  He loved what he did.  I remember making this art with him in mind one day, and unless he had ESP, he never even knew it. 

 Why do we not tell someone that they have been in our thoughts,  that we respect them,  that we admire them?  I could have even given this to him.  Then maybe it would have been found among his prized possessions instead of in a pile of junk in my closet with it's voice still in it.

Watercolor and Ink Calligraphy

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