Saturday, February 1, 2014

Original Mixed Media Valentine "Card" With Handwritten Love Letter Inside

Had no idea where this was going but just had a ball playing with hot colors, layering, and filling with messages.  The photos don't do it justice.  The sheen you see?  It's a glaze.  I like shiny sometimes and it gives it a protective finish as well.  And the fat gold ribbon you don't see ties it all together with a splash.

Part of Front Cover

Bottom Of Front Cover
Original watercolor pair from another project found it's way here.  And sweet little girl dress collage piece found a new home too.  Great way to recycle your art stash.
Goodies tucked inside envelope

Messages and more messages and ways to say "I Love you!"
A Little Collage With 1" Art

Oh my goodness!  A real old fashioned love letter has found it's way here too. 
You'll find it tucked inside a second envelope pocket to be discovered by the lucky recipient.

Handwritten Love Letter Tucked Inside Another Envelope
Back Cover 
Tags Inside
Special Place for The Love Letter

All this loveliness and fun is tied with a beautifully sheer ribbon and "Be My Valentine" tag.
I had fun, sticky fingers, paint everywhere when I made this.  I recycled so much stuff and I love doing that.  Instead of the trash, it is all a hot hit!


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