Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do You Hope Or Do You Trust?

Reprint from 2011.  Art added today.

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Hope Versus Trust

Have you ever pondered the difference in Hope and Trust?  Three times in the last couple of weeks, out of the blue, "hoping" versus "trusting" has popped up....on a TV program, in a totally unrelated novel, and from a friend.  I don't know about you but when something shows up for me that frequently I pay attention.  I think a message is trying to get through and I don't want to miss it.

Think about how often you use the word 'hope'.....not in a heavy, serious way...just in everyday conversation.  If you have a "big issue" going on in your life right now, I bet you use the word "hope" even more often.  Casually, we hope for something, meaning we wish for it.   It's a "wouldn't it be nice" kind of thought.  Or it could be more of a desperate desire.

Hope is saying, "I really want this.  Maybe it'll happen.  But I know it may not."

"Trust" carries a totally different message.  When I trust that something will go a certain way, I am knowing at a deeper level.  Some might call that Faith.  Or Confidence.  Or just Knowing.  When I trust, I am willing to let go of my fears, my worries, my "what ifs" and replace those feelings of upset with peace, with calmness, with certainty that the bigger picture is "all good".

Obviously there is so much more going on than any of us could possibly imagine.  We can worry about the unknown, fret, wish, and hope.  Or we can give our heart to the good and relax into Trust, knowing that all is well in the big picture.

So, guess what I am working on these days?  Whenever a concern, large or small, comes up I am consciously choosing to Trust that all is well, that things will work out, that God has a plan much better than I can imagine.  It's been said that "Worry is the misuse of imagination."  Why not use that imagination in a more positive way and imagine it "turning out for the best".

Simple, as they say, but maybe not always so easy.  It is our choice though, isn't it.

Enjoy the day,