Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Jam In Atlanta, GA 2014

Snow just starting...

Later in the backyard...
I just made snow ice cream, vanilla.  I'm wondering if I can eat it or if the pollution will kill me. But it is organic so maybe that makes it okay.  LOL.  That, and the beauty, the awesome, Godly beauty, represent some of the gifts from this over-the-top snow storm we have in Atlanta right now.  It's not that we have that much snow...only 3 inches.  It's just that it came hard and fast and not exactly where they thought it would come.  So preparations were a little off.  "Everyone", meaning all 6 million people in Atlanta, left work and school for home at the same time and, just like too much TP clogging up your commode, our interstates were clogged!  People sat and sat, unable to move, totally congested like a nose that just won't blow.  Some even spent the night there, in 15 degree weather.  Whoa.  Think old people, babies, and just regular people like you and me...stuck in a car all night.  Can't even go there. 

We must look for the gifts though.  People are helping people.  All over the place.  Strangers bunked in with others who opened their homes last night, and so far there have been no reported stabbings, rapes, or pillage. Adults who live near big road are taking hot chocolate and bottled water out to stuck drivers.  Heroes pushing cars to get them moving.  Churches on main thoroughfares quickly opened their doors, served coffee, provided blankets and shelter.  School teachers stayed all night, ALL NIGHT, with students who couldn't go home. They played basketball, had a warm meal, called parents, watched a movie, and napped...all safe and sound.  The stories go on and on.   Oh, and a baby was born in a car on the interstate.  Can't even imagine that one.

  And now, it is gorgeous outside.  Photographers who can get out are having a field day.  Most families, by today, are home together, warm, having quality time, eating at home, talking, reading, playing with pets and just enjoying time with one another.  And schools and many businesses are still closed tomorrow.  Yay!

So, not to minimize this catastrophe, but I think the worst of this awful day in Atlanta is over.  Inner strength has reigned.  Atlanta and it's people are tired, but strong.  And I know Channel 11, 11Alive as we call it, is tired.  But they have done an amazing job keeping us informed.  Thank you to the behind-the-scenes people, the anchors, the reporters, the meteorologists, and the "trafficologists".  I, personally, have been mesmerized by your coverage of  this beautiful, ugly, white, frozen train wreck of a weather event.


  1. Oh I have seen the news reports of what happened in Atlanta and the people coming together to help each other it gives us a sense of the real world of sharing and caring for our fellow man something I think we need to be reminded of more.
    I eat snow everyday I think of it as a gift nice fresh and delicious. Hug B

  2. I enjoyed 3 bowls of snow ice cream...It was delicious and I am still here. :) Schools will reopen on Monday and hopefully this catastrophe on the highways won't happen again because our leaders "have learned". Glad I am not in their shoes.


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