Friday, January 3, 2014

My Whole Year In One Word? Really?
Borrowed from Christina Jones Writing

Many motivational authors suggest we choose one word to focus upon for our new year instead of a long list of resolutions.  What do you think about that?  I mean, if you picked one word, like maybe

JOY or
GROWTH or......
would that work for you?  Or do you like working with that long list that usually is down to half by the end of January?  I like both.  Picking a word can give us a home base.  If we forget everything else, surely we won't forget that main word.  So I am choosing the word
My friend described a favorite day using that word. She said she felt like a "little girl in a pink tutu twirling around in bliss with a magic wand".  Isn't that a great visual?  That's why I chose that for my word.  Now about that list.  Here's the list that means TWIRL to me.  And I like having a list.
1.  Spend more time having fun.  However, whenever, whomever.
2.  Do my part to be healthy.  As in "eat right", move more.  Get those preventive checkups.
3.  Explode my art career.
4.  Travel.
5.  Meet my financial goals.
6.  Love on my family and friends.
7.  'Think' on purpose.
8.  Be better friends with my God.
9.  Delight in my memories.
10.Wait.  Be patient.

Re-reading my list I think it sounds very narcissitic.  It sounds like my new year is going to be all about me.  But I AM my own home base.  If that isn't solid and well, I can be of no good, no use to anyone else.  From this home base of wholeness and wellness I can better serve and comfort and encourage and support and provide for and give to others. Healthy roots grow healthy fruit.  That is really the goal.
Do you have a list, a word, neither? 


  1. No list no word if I have learned one thing this year is I just have to go with the flow and take whatever is thrown at me and pick myself up and keep going. I will do the same this year and enjoy the good times and work through the other "stuff" Take care of yourself I like your list you are important and you should think of you. HUG B

  2. Good philosophy. I think that is what it boils down to for all of us really. Going with the flow is a good place to be. I know your year will be full of good stuff. Expect the unexpected.


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