Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Collage Experience

A friend asked me to share some of my collage work and I decided this might be the best way to do it.  Here are some I have had around awhile.  Every one I do is different, way different.  Apologies for the poor photo quality.

  Another one of my passions these days is recycling.  So when I collage I have my eye more on my mantra, "recycle-reuse-repurpose",  than taking an artistic approach.  Mostly it is just fun to cut with scissors (no running) and get glue all over my hands.  And there is always a message even though I may be the only one who gets.

This one is the front of a travel diary from three of my favorite trips:  one to New York City with my 2 sons, and then to CA and Oregon with my favorite husband. There are many layers of paint with black permanent ink, ribbons, etc.  It travels with me and I write in it every day we are gone.

This one is all papers with some paint dropped in and incorporating random pieces of melted Tyvek.  A little typed message says "A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart."  There is also a face there.  Can you see it?  And I've since added and handwritten black ink message, "Weave us together in unity and love."

This one is on a piece of wood.  "Caring" was really on my mind that day.  My mom's favorite little bird is there, and great little thoughts you would love.  Again, not the best photo.  The silver you see is gum wrappers...and you see the orange string. 

This one I do love because of the quote.  It is also a mixed media combination of papers, Tyvek, paint, images, and ink.

 I made this one for my sister and everything it says, and every picture mean something to us.  I just wish it wasn't pink!   Too late now!  

This one is on the back of a funeral fan.  I wept at this funeral.  Lost an older and very special art friend way too fast.  She made quite an impact on me.  The front of her fan is below.

For Miss Daisy

I have a lot of fun making these. They are never planned out before I begin.  They just evolve as I go.  It is fun for me to see things that would go in the trash become something beautiful.  

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