Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brain Change with Dr.David Perlmutter

"Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food."  We've all heard that and it is the basis of this post.  I'm taking notes on a TV GPB Special by Dr. Perlmutter, a Board Certified Neurologist and expert nutritionist.  I think it's good info to share that might just keep our brains healthy longer.

 Regarding brain degeneration, inflammation and free radicals are key factors. Antioxidants are agents that prevent damage from these two sources. Cholesterol is an antioxidant and is good for your brain.

Other key points:

1.  Fat is your friend.  Eat more dietary fat.  Your brain is 60-70% fat.  It needs fat.    Eat good fats like olive oil, avocado,  nuts and seeds, grass fed chicken and beef.

2.  Eggs help with brain oxidation.  Eat them.  

3.  Carbohydrates are not your friend.  Cut way back.

4.  Cholesterol is your friend.  It is important to your brain and helps prevent dementia.

5.  Our genes/DNA are affected by our lifestyle choices....by everything we eat, by how much sleep we get.  "Epigenetics" means we can control our genes.

6.  We do grow brain cells throughout our entire life. This is called neurogenesis.

7.  Aerobic exercise causes new brain cells to grow in a powerful way.

8.  DHA, a specific Omega 3, just like exercise, causes new brain cells to grow.. (Eat wild salmon)

9. Control your blood sugar.  Sugar binds to protein and increases inflammation and the production of free radicals.  Therefore it damages your brain.  

10. Eat foods with low glycemic index.  

11.  Science says sugar and gluten are both bad for your brain's health.

12.  Do these 3 things for better brain health.

Cut out sugar.
Cut out gluten.
Eat good fats.

John F. Kennedy said,  "The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining."    Take care of your brain health before you get sick...and ward off dementia and Alzheimer disease.  By the way, what are you eating?  


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