Saturday, September 14, 2013

Whaleshead, Port Orford, and Humbug Mountain in Oregon

Working our way down Hwy 101 South today through Oregon into Northern California was one big splash of Nature after another.  We explored every state park and suddenly realized it was just about night and we were out in the middle of nowhere at the bottom of a steep hill and still had to hike back up!  

We had seen a lot...including a whale!

From up high

Looking way, way down. He's with me.

"All my friends are dead."  Poor thing.

 I'm becoming obsessed with trees. 

Careful what you are showing to the world.  You might be on candid camera and never even know it!  :)

Some lighthouses don't look like lighthouses.  This one doesn't.

Just one of my favorites.  I must paint this when I get home.

A lighthouse that does look like a lighthouse.

Sweet old couple.  Old?  They're my age! 

From lush to sand dunes.


And when I saw these wild blue hydrangeas, the tears flowed.  Mom?

And saving the best for last.  Chocolate cream pie.
  "Keep your fork."

Whew!  Got through Friday 13th.  And all is well.  

Sandra Frances

P.S.  Since I am a day late blogging, I already know what will happen tomorrow.    A heads up is that  Larry got sick and had to sleep through the day. Nothing serious, just a cold.  So I was exploring alone and just wait until you see what I stumbled upon in Crescent City, CA.  And I know he will feel better tomorrow.

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