Saturday, September 7, 2013

Portland, Oregon All Day

All day spent in Portland,  Oregon!  2,592 miles from home!    Our first trip out here ever and so far it feels a lot like home.  
From a brass and strings combo rocking it out in the street to one of the largest and quirkiest book stores in the world, we had nary a dull moment.

How lucky can a girl get? Hanging around the art floor salivating at all the art books, it got even better. There just happened to be a Calligraphic Art show with fantastic work.  No pictures though. It's "not right" to take a picture of another artist's work.  You like it? You buy it.  You don't go home and copy it.  But believe me I took plenty of notes...and was so, so very inspired.

It's friendly here and trendy too.  Especially trendy to eat lunch from a food cart...and not just hot dogs. Oh no. I had Mango Stir Fried Rice on the street with just the right amount of spice...just the way I like it. 

  Fun place to people watch too...even at the library.   I know:  "Who goes on vacation and goes to the library?"  Well, I do. 

Great start to our trip to the West.  Tomorrow is a Nature day all day long.  I can't wait!

Sandra Frances

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