Tuesday, September 24, 2013

People Along The Way

We are back home.  My journal is bulging with just about every thought that went through my head.  I am inspired.

One great thing about the trip was the people we met along the way.  Some of them I will probably always remember....starting with the one who dropped us off at the airport. We were so excited.

 Whatever would I do without this gal?  I couldn't.

A real mountain man.  We were turning around on his property when he appeared out of nowhere.  A little scary at first but just so nice.  Made us feel welcome.  (He could sub on Duck Dynasty!)

This guy and his dog, Sheba, were right next door to us for 2 nights.  Gentle creatures, both of them.  Just going with the flow.  Such a beautiful animal...talking about the dog, not the man.

Meet his Sheba.  Gorgeous, friendly, pampered collie.
Larry and a new friend...a very talkative one.

And another one, Paul.  They got in an early morning hike before I even woke up.

Well, she was happy and very outgoing too.

Look at the end of his stick.  He can't bend over anymore so he has invented a new way to look for rocks.  He has duct taped a large slotted spoon onto his stick so he can still pursue his hobby.   I will remember this for the future.

And I love these girls.  They've named themselves "Sisters Without Misters".  They actually have husbands but they left them at home.  These girls are committed to staying close as sisters... so once a year they are off together on an adventure.  When both their parents passed away they didn't see each other much.  Broke their hearts.  So they fixed it!

A nice forest ranger looking down from his perch to answer every question we had and more.  You need people like that when you are in a strange land.  He does love his job!

And the Swiss couple here for 3 weeks renting an RV.  Didn't know you could do that.  Might try it.

Waiting for the big wave!

Cute hat, huh?  Keeps the sun off his head.  "Lives around here" and loves it.  Taking a walking break from his motorcycle.

We met this young, young, young woman working at the desk at the Paradise Inn at Mt. Rainier.  Unbelievably she was from Newnan, Ga.  Right down the road from my mom's house.  She came out after college by herself.....long way from GA.....just to have the experience.

I've noticed people don't waste time making friends when they travel.  It happens really fast.

Lovely lady from Boston on the left.  A lot in common.  How quickly we shared 'real' stuff.

Yes, I met this lovely on my morning walk.  I think he would have let me reach over and pet him.  So at home in these woods.  Having breakfast.

This young man has been "living on the road" since February.  Most of those nights outside.  

You can see all his "stuff" behind him.  He sleeps in that little lean-to he built.  We had a good connection.  He is 'being with God" this year...and a filmmaker-artist.  See all the little rock towers he has built?  Since I am a mom I had to make sure he was okay. Me:  "You know there are people who love you, don't you?"  Caleb nods, "Yes, I do."  Me:  |"Sometimes it doesn't feel like it though."  He agrees.  We hug.  Watery eyes.  Mine.

What a great time of life!  Getting to do what SHE wants to do!  

And so are these two!  Look at those smiles.

And then there is man's best friend....always ready.  "Will somebody please play with me?"

What a good time we had!



  1. Loved your photos and the captions. What a delight to travel and meet new friends.

    1. So true Hazel. Even if we only know them for a few minutes, it is significant that our paths have crossed. Wishing you well.


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