Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painting The Onion In Oils

This post is just "stuck in here" for posterity while I am waiting for my husband to upload pictures from our trip.  We are back home!  We met so many interesting people along the way that my next post will be dedicated solely to them.  In the meantime, enjoy watching this "Onion" progress.  Now I am so inspired to paint the many riches of nature I've seen these last couple of weeks !

Not a gorgeous nature scene but I did learn a lot working on this onion.   

Stage 1.  This pencil drawing helped me get a grip on the light source and establish my lights and darks.  I could have tweaked this forever but...

Stage 2:  Most importantly for me in this exercise was varying the backdrop a bit...not having it too uniform.  The lace tablecloth is beginning to take shape here.  It was excruciatingly "fun" to begin to find the light and dark sides of the lace, of each hole in the lace, of each shadow in the lace.  Doesn't that sound like fun to you?  :)

Stage 3:  Very first layer of painting the onion itself.  I started right where I wanted you to look first, on the front highlight of the onion.  That is where I tried to put the most contrast and my complimentary colors.  The white blob still remaining is the transparent skin of the onion.

Stage 4:  More paint.  Struggling with that onion skin, trying to make it look "see through".

Stage 5:  Finishing touches.  Emphasize highlights.  Darken a few spots and check a few other technicalities.  Photograph has picked up some sheen on bottom of the onion that surely isn't really there so this is somewhat distorted.  So is it perfect?  No.  Am I?  No.  Do I strive for perfection?  No.  Excellence, sometimes.  Perfection, never.  Satisfaction? Always.  And remember, striving is not arriving.  You don't always get there.

Enjoy your Sunday journey,

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