Thursday, September 12, 2013

Leaving Yachots, Oregon and Seal Point

Leaving Yachots, Oregon this I have too?  Sweet, sweet place.  The town, the hotel, the tea, the dogs.  All good.  Trip Advisor sent us to Luna Sea Fish House for dinner.  Tiny fish market turned restaurant with 3 tables inside.  Or you can eat outside under the tent with aqua blue picnic tables and twinkle lights.  "Get your own water out of the orange cooler" lent just the right amount of authenticity.  Fish tasted so good but somehow that seemed secondary to the atmosphere.

How many state parks did we see today?  So many.  Really nothing can compare to Seal Point if you want to walk, walk, walk on the beach and take a million pictures.

I am growing on Seal Point.  Leave me alone.
Lighthouses are all up and down the coast and we are climbing them all.  It's fun to think of the first family who lived there so long ago with their 7 kids running up and down the stairs and playing outside. 

RIP 9-11
 And picking wild blackberries in the back yard.  The flag at half mast today, 9-11, brings back a more-than-sad day but it also reminds us to be grateful for our country and to appreciate what we have because of so many who came before us.

From craggy, rocky beaches to sand dunes on a flat beach as far as you can see at Nahalem, we have experienced so much beauty today.  Surfers and whale watching and a picnic at Yaquina Bay with yet another lighthouse to climb and photo.  The sand is hot in the sunshine and cold as soon as you hit a shady spot. 

Today we are headed down the coast as far as we get.  I know we have a place to stay tonight called the Sea Crest and it's always fun to see the next view from my window.  Here it is this morning.

Anyone out there in blog-land in a stuck place today?  Don't stay there too long.  Reach out.  Ask for help.  We've all been there.  And remember, "the best is always yet to come". 

See you tomorrow,

Sandra Frances


  1. Oh how did you know I was in a stuck place? I want to run on the beach in the wind. Thank you for taking me away with your beautiful photos.I so needed that today. HUG B

  2. So great to hear from you. There are always great days ahead. I have so much new stuff in my heart from this trip....and I've loved every minute of the cool beach air blowing in my face.


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