Monday, September 16, 2013

Crescent City, CA and Something Special

Often when things aren't working out, I try to remind myself, "Look for the gift."  It's always there although we may not recognize it.  Yesterday we were in Crescent City, CA and the wind on the coast was strong and the weather was raw.  After checking out the lighthouse and harbor there, Larry realized he was getting sick and needed to crash at the hotel.

 Not fun ever, and especially not on vacation.  He spent a weekend in the hospital last month...and that was really scary...but this was a cold and sore throat and I knew he'd be fine. But things just weren't working out.  I was disappointed for him and for me.  No gift in sight.

So he got the meds and the sleep he needed and I went out to explore, maybe grab a sandwich and see the sights in this little town. 

 Well, I hit the jackpot...I found the gift.  Driving around and down a little street right by our hotel, I saw this sign.

The sign was in an industrial looking section with boats and cranes and such.  I was just about to turn around and leave the docks when I saw the sign...and decided to check it out.

 "Is this a party?", I asked.  "No.  It's a Salmon Feed", she said, as if  I couldn't read.  "What is a salmon feed?", I asked.  Then she looked up like maybe I was from outer space and explained.  Sammy, of the Indian nation, is a fisherman.  Everyone knows him.  He catches and cooks salmon, does a little art and makes hats....and puts on this salmon feed once a year as a fundraiser for gallery.  

He caught a boatload of salmon last night and was cooking them outside "the way the Indians do".

"Would I like a plate?",  they asked?   Duh. Of course I would!

That is a HUGE piece of fish.   I LOVED LOVED LOVED eating fresh caught wild salmon cooked on a stick by a fire in front of my eyes by someone who is doing what his ancestors have been doing for eons.  

And his daughters wanted their pictures taken by the crazy tourist too.

And the grandson.  They are eating big hunks of salmon in a napkin like I might have a donut.

And Sammy and his son and the crazy hats he makes.  He was happy to pose and show off his hats.

Remember I said it was a fundraiser for the gallery?  That is where they had tables set up for eating!     Inside the little local art gallery!  That's almost like heaven to me.  Another gift!

My passion is art and I love this painting with the deer. I shouldn't have photographed it but I couldn't help myself.  The photo doesn't do it justice.

 So now not only do I know that a Salmon Feed is their version of the big barbecue or fish fry that we  have down South.... I got to be a part of one.  I tell you, friends, the gift is always there.

And.....did you wonder how I picked this street to go down?  And why did I not just stop at the corner restaurant since finding lunch was really what I had in mind?  And how did I get in on this jewel of an experience that was hidden away and not a touristy thing at all?  And how did I get to have that experience at an art gallery of all places and stumble upon local art which I so, so love?  I know how....but I will let you come to your own conclusion.

What a special day!   It was as it was supposed to be.


  1. Oh you know I would have been right there beside you this would truly have been a gift to me too. Your photos are fabulous and I am a little jealous:) Wonderful just wonderful. HUGS B

  2. I know you would love it. This is a trip of a lifetime for us. I hope for everyone to get a trip like this. After losing mother... and Larry winding up in the ER last month....I got a 2x4 on the side of my head that said, "Life is short and it is precious. Go. Now." Rest is history in the making

  3. Sounds like you're almost following in my tracks! Now make sure you go see the redwoods in that area and then head to Medford and up to Crater Lake. Larry will love taking photos at Crater Lake. Hike down to the lake. There may even be some snow left from last winter.

    BTW, I just saw Steve Raichlen cook salmon on a stick just like what you described. He has a show on PBS called "Primal Grill". It looked awesome.

    1. I had never seen it cooked this way but it tasted great. Just salt and pepper. We only got one "bad" hotel and it really wasn't that bad. It was an old beach motel that had been redone on the a degree...but the outside was pretty bad. Had a great bed though so it was fine. Everything else has been smooth. Turned in our rental car today with 2020 miles on it!

  4. BTW, I assume you know I am Walter, your first cousin! :)

    1. No! I had no idea. Just figured somebody out there stumbled upon it. That's great. Glad y'all had this trip. It has been amazing. We go home tomorrow...bittersweet. We did get to Crater can't imagine how many pics we have!!! I hope to paint some of them. Larry is the photographer but I like to shoot my share with my cell. I feel like we have seen it all yet I know there is so much more. We have had a blast. Miss the family and home and the dog so we are looking forward to being home. Glad you told me it was you! :)

  5. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant on the Oregon coast that is run by a couple who moved there from Gray, Georgia in the 80's. They were so fun to visit with.

  6. oh, this was fabulous!!! what a gift, indeed! it looks delicious. with characters, culture, pride, LOVE! truly synchronicity.

    1. Yes it was fabulous! Every bit of it. Loved the day.


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