Sunday, September 8, 2013

Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood

The pictures speak volumes through ages and ages.  So with much honor to our Native American Indians... and Lewis and Clark, feast your eyes where they walked.

Cascade Locks.  What a great view to eat lunch!  And the music was what I call epic music mixed with soft jazz.  Fresh fish and native apples and pears...mmm.

Rowena Crest.  The architecture rivals the background.

I travel with a great photographer.

Prindle School:  LOVED meeting Pete!  Engineer, metal artist, machine builder, fish fossil finder and this unexpected encounter in an old school house made my best morning even better.  He also makes these bells.

Stevenson, WA...I think.  Almost blew away here!  If it were summer I would have jumped in!

Oh yeah.  Loving this one.

First glimpse of Mt. Hood!  Wow!

Who in the world wants a tag that says 'Angina'!  That's what we are trying to get away from!  And there it is at our lunch table!

Wild Lavendar.  The Beatles would have loved it.

I can't wait for tomorrow!  Mt. St. Helens, here we come!  My husband is actually going to miss watching the Falcons on TV.  It was a tough choice!  Geesh!

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