Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mom's Hydrangeas

My sister put this on Facebook today.  She wouldn't care that I stole it.  I feel the same way she does.  Listen to the song if you have a minute.
Thanks Shirley.

"Went over to Mom's house a couple days ago, cut some of her flowers, and brought them home with me. She always liked for me to do that. She was an avid gardener. I love having her flowers alive in my kitchen! It's part of her, she planted them and nurtured them and it just makes me feel close to her today. I also ran across this song... I'm dedicating it to her. Miss her so much. Some days are harder than others. Today is one of those days. Someone posted this song  which expresses my rawness today. Thought I would share. Enjoy."

The only thing I can say is it still just doesn't seem right.  I just shake my head and ask, "What in the world happened?"


  1. Oh Sandra that is such a beautiful song and I do think it expresses the way we all feel. I hope you have more good days then bad I know this is hard. She is with you and the flowers are beautiful. Hugs my friend hugs.Thanks for the beautiful song. hug B

  2. What precious memories. Thank you for sharing your heart today. Thanks for stopping by Life, Love, and Laughter in Large Family.


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