Saturday, August 24, 2013

Can't Help Myself

There are a lot of ways we can lose control.  For many of us it's probably eating that takes on a life of it's own.  Not so much for me.  I love to.....hold on.....recycle and re-purpose.   I can lose control of myself doing that!

It's not really exciting or glamorous so I don't know why I'm so taken with it.  It just feels good and it could be much worse.  I could be hung up on collecting!  Oh horrors.  Bah hah!  What about you? 

I ran across a blog yesterday that really got me fired up.  Vivienne gets rid of 10 items a day!  She's going to do it for an entire year!   At first I thought I couldn't possibly do that..... then I said to myself, "Of course I can.  And what fun!"  So for just one week, I'm on it.  I'm just committing to a week but if it's a good week, I'll probably continue.

My project will include re-purposing, recycling, giving away, gifting, and selling.  My "rules" are:
  • Don't mess with somebody else's stuff, only what is mine.
  • Don't toss out anything that someone in this world can use.
  • If I sell something, make sure it is a win-win for both parties.
  • If someone wants something I don't want or need, give it to them.
  • Old art scraps, paints, mistakes, junk need to morph into something new and beautiful.
  • If I love it, I keep it, no matter what. 
So I'm off on a new project for 7 days.  Should be an interesting week.  I'll let you know. 


  1. Good for you I would never make a week:) Not for any other reason that I seem to be too lazy to sort and think:) I would love to give a lot away. Have fun. Hugs B

    1. I may not make it either but I'll have fun trying. Hope things are good with you and yours.


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